Heavy Duty
Wheel Re - Bonding

Rebonding Polyurethane wheels is highly cost effective and a simple way of repairing or upgrading your equipment.

Re-tyred wheels can be moulded onto almost any cast centre then formed to your specific requirements for your equipment.

Equipment in need of Repair or Upgrade?

Reids of Nottingham offer a full re - tyring service for tyred, cast centre wheels.

Having problems with lack of Traction?

We can supply softer shore hardness for your specialist  applications

Wheels not lasting long enough?

Extend the life of equipment by having old Rubber tyred wheels re - tyred with polyurethane.

Specialist Polyurethane Available to Order


As standard, unless specifically requested, all retyring jobs will be completed in a caramel brown polyurethane.

Other colours are available at additional cost, see options below


Polyurethane for extreme loads being moved at slow speeds e.g. Heavy Duty rotating drums.


High load Polyurethane for use on drive wheels as they have soft shore hardness to provide higher traction characteristics without flattening out when left standing.


Polyurethane in a soft shore hardness that mimics many of the characteristics of rubber but offers extended working life.


  • Make savings on Upgrades or Repairs
  • Quick Turn Around often available
  • Specialist Applications solutions
  • Custom Coloured Polyurethanes (POA)
  • Various Shore Hardnesses available