Jacking Castors

Jacking Castors are height adjustable castors used to manoeuver large machinery and platforms.

We offer Jacking Castors from the JCMD, RJA and the JCHS Series of Castors.

Jacking Castor Types and Composition

There are four types of Jacking Castor available, Medium Duty Jacking Castor, Heavy Duty Jacking Castor and Extra Heavy Duty Jacking Castor.

Our Jacking Castors come in four standard compositions, Nylon, Cast Iron, Rubber Tyred on Cast Iron or Polyurethane Tyred on Cast Iron.

Other types of wheel are available on request.

Jacking Castors Lifting Capacity.

With their lifting capability these can be easily raised or lowered for the manoeuverability, of machinery, equipment and platforms.

The Jacking Castors have a lift range from 75mm – 250mm, with load ratings from 80kg – 2800kg



Bespoke Jacking Castors

If you cannot see a Jacking Castor that suits your application have a talk to us we may be able to offer a bespoke castor specifically for your needs.

Important Information

When adjusting units fitted with multiple jacking castors it is ESSENTIAL that they are adjusted simultaneously so that an even load distribution is maintained. Failure to do so may result in significant damage to the jacking castors, and the units to which they are fitted.

Load Rating

Jacking Castors are rated on a different principle to other castors. They lift the load off the floor and therefor each castor is liable to carry half the total load. The minimum castor capacity required is obtained by taking the Unladen unit weight + maximum load and dividing it by 2.

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